Our Primary Objective is to Save You Money

We negotiate directly with manufacturer(s) of products and services to bring our clients the best and most affordable commercial furniture.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to create long term relationships for current and potential growth by providing the quickest and widest variety of quality resources with the most professional services at the least possible cost to our clients.


TEAMCSI, Inc. is a Commercial Furniture Dealership. Our experience spans over 30 years, creating effective office spaces with necessary Interior Design practices and the right furniture. We negotiate directly with manufacturer(s) of products and services to bring our clients the best and most affordable commercial furniture.

We represent knowledge in the field of corporate interior design with an expertise in construction documentation, planning, finishes and furniture specifications, procurement and long term service.

Our primary objective is to save you money by using our years of experience and resources to provide a comprehensive and complete design with a non-biased package of products and services to facilitate a turnkey, successful project for you.

Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions TEAMCSI
What is Space Planning?

Interior designers, specializing in commercial interior design, work with clients to develop a plan to arrange the interior space to meet the required function of the space as defined by the client. The first step in “Space Planning” is “preliminary programming” of the space which includes a breakdown of job functions and adjacencies. These requirements are provided by the client. This is then applied to the available space.

What is a Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial or Corporate interior design is the process of creating and overseeing the construction or renovation of a commercial space by an accredited Interior Designer.

An Interior Designer addresses the layout and placement of interior walls, plumbing, lighting and power systems, and coordination communications with construction professionals, owners and service providers. Commercial Design and Space Planning require the knowledge and use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and a solid working knowledge of architecture.

What is Corporate Interior Design?

Corporate Interior Design refers to the designing of offices and other corporate spaces. Corporate interior designers aren’t just decorators who deal only with the aesthetics of a space. Corporate interior design refers to the planning of how space will be used. Corporate interior designers are experienced in how to create functional, not merely fashionable commercial interiors.

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