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TEAMCSI has gathered all manufacturers here for you, enabling you to do your own shopping within trusted web sites to aid in your search for the right furniture. Each manufacturer will require that you return to TEAMCSI as the procuring Dealer to help you with the specifications and the purchasing transaction. TEAMCSI has knowledge of all manufacturers represented herein from across the United States and Canada, allowing you a thorough search and solution to your needs from this site.

Consider these points when looking for your furniture:

Aesthetic – does it look like what you want?

Budget – call us for pricing – is it within your budget?

Time frame - lead time to ship – Is it available fast enough to meet your current needs?

Most quality manufacturers DO NOT stock items to readily ship

Function for its use – call and ask us – Does the product look like or is it able to do what you want it to do?    

Note: Upholsteries, fabrics, textiles all are considered for their application and use.  Most commercial fabrics are treated or created with fibers for the longest and best wear.

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Our Mission...

Our mission is to create long term relationships for current and potential growth by providing the quickest and widest variety of quality resources with the most professional services at the least possible cost to our clients.

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  • Interior Design
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