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Interior Design Services

Furniture Homepage-1Interior Design 

At TEAMCSI, we believe that your commercial interior should be creative but also maximize the performance of your space. We will bring their collective expertise to deliver a style that directly expresses your company.


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Space Planning

Great design and space planning maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, while maintaining workplace safety. It also makes the most of existing assets while minimizing energy and remodeling costs.


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Furniture Selection

Interior design advice and specifications are made for each area of your business, incorporating your tastes and needs along with design solutions for exterior areas. We will find turnkey solutions or unique furnishings and fabrics that are a perfect fit for your project.



Project Management

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships. As such, we are proactive and provide detailed construction cost information to our clients from the start of a project and perform budgetary reviews in step with progress meetings.


Building layouts

Construction Documents

In order to design spaces successfully, interior designers must be knowledgeable in the areas of building construction, building materials, specification writing, codes, technical drawing and business practices.



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